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    Always remember to check for moisture before you water!


    Watering shrubs and trees

                Until the root system is established, which is usually one full year, you should check the soil for moisture to accurately determine how dry or wet it is. This can be done by pulling back the mulch and feeling the soil with your hands along side the root ball about four inches below ground level. 


                During the spring and fall, you should check the soil moisture approximately every 3-5 days.  During the hot and dry summer months, this should be done every 2-3 days for smaller plants and every 3-5 days for larger plants and trees.  If the soil is dry, water thoroughly until the entire root ball and surrounding soil is wet again.  If it is moist, do not water and check the soil in another few days.  The object of watering is to find that happy medium, neither too wet nor too dry.  Learn how long it takes your particular soil to dry slightly between waterings.  You should not water a plant unless it needs water!  Be aware that both too little water (top moist and bottom dry) and too much water (constant saturation) can be fatal. 


    Watering Tips


          Wilted leaves can result from the soil being either too dry or too wet.  Be sure to feel the soil to determine which scenario may be happening before watering.


          Container grown plants tend to dry out more quickly than balled and burlapped plants.  During periods of dry weather be sure to soak the root ball as needed.


          Bedding plants, hanging baskets and potted plants may need to be watered daily during the summer months.  It is best to water in the morning hours so the plant has adequate moisture throughout the day.


          Summer thunderstorms can provide some helpful moisture, but should not be considered a substitute for deep watering.





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