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  • Now’s the Time – Don’t Wait:
        Proper timing is the key to successful results
        The following should be used now for best results

    Scott’s Super Turf Builder plus 2 Weed Control
        Apply now to kill lawn weeds and fertilize
        Available only at a Scott’s lawn Pro Dealer (Dering’s)
        Contains 30% more nitrogen than other turf builders

    Kill Grubs Now:
    Use   Bayer Advanced Lawn Grub Control with Dylox:
        fast overnight results
        degrades quickly, will not linger

    Use   Bayer Season Long Grub Control with Merit:
        one application kills grubs all season long
        use on lawns, ground covers and flower beds

        Apply Now to prevent weeds before they start
        available in 4 sizes

    Rose care time:
        Time to spray roses with   Orthenex   for insect and disease control
        Spraying should be done every 10-14 days for complete control

    Time to fertilize roses. We offer various types of fertilizer such as:
        Rose Tone
        Scott's Rose & Bloom
        Miracle-Gro for Roses

    Fertilize Annuals and Vegetables:
        Get bigger plants, more blooms and higher yields by fertilizing

        Try the new   Miracle-Gro Liquafeed   Just attach to hose and feed as you water.
        Feed every 7-14 days.

        For season long feeding try   Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed  
        A slow release continuous fertilizer that feeds up to 3 months

        Supercharge your plants with   Messenger  
            Boosts overall growth and production
            Improves plant stamina and vigor
            Strengthens a plant’s resistance to disease

    Messenger is the perfect complement to plant foods and fertilizers because it enhances the plant’s ability to utilize nutrients.


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